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The Perfect Water Coverage!

Amazon Tree Service, Inc. also specializes in the installation of irrigation systems, which are very necessary to maintain a well-groomed landscape investment. Our services are dependable and every new project comes with a guarantee. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. These professional installers can design a system that provides precise water coverage – that is efficient – to every area of your lawn, including flower beds and everything in between. Our easy-to-maintain systems can help reduce your water bill, while conserving the beauty of your outdoor décor.


  • sprinkler and valve installation
  • upgrades and repairs
  • timer programming
  • shut off valves
  • leaky valve repairs
  • drip system installation
  • water saving upgrades
  • water coverage adjustments
  • water pressure check and regulator installation
  • main line installation/repair
  • drainage
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