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Landscape Design and Landscape Construction

Tree Maintenance

Some of the most popular tasks include:

Crown Thinning The selective and meticulous removal of branches which helpsincrease light penetration, reduces canopy weight, improves tree structure and lessens wind resistance while still maintaining the natural shape of the tree.

Crown Raising

The removal of lower branches in a tree to increase visibility, clear space for                                     vehicles/buildings, and reduce hazards to pedestrians.

Crown Cleanining

The removal of suckers, water sprouts, diseased, and or dying branches. Branches that rub or cross each other should be removed to avoid future stress on the tree. This will also help promote new foliage growth in the tree.

Crown Reduction & Shaping

If your tree has become too big for the space available around it, it might be time for a Crown Reduction & Shaping. We recommend reducing your tree instead of “Topping” it because it will result in a more natural appearance while maintaining its structural integrity. This approach will also help reduce the weight on the limbs, minimizing the chances of breakage.

Tree Removal

stump grinding ,,, We offer an effective stump grinding service that will eliminate any traces of the tree that has been removed.

Outdoor Lighting


Yard/Garden Clean-Up and Maintenance

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